Fall 2020 (4 months):   September 8 - December 24

Winter 2021 (3 months):   January 4 - April 1, no classes over March Break

Spring 2021 (3 months):   April 5 - June 30



1 in person class per week + 1 online class per week



1 online class per week +

1 broadcast of the Hall class



1 in Person class

a week



1 online class per week



Your health and safety is our number one priority.



Welcome back to training in person at the Holy Angels Parish Hall with the Etobicoke Dojo. We have implemented some new protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please read all the way to the end, sign the consent form, and return this document through email or in person.




We will set up an entrance at the NORTH side of the Hall. Look for the green canopy and sign marked ENTER. Please follow the red lines to keep distance as you wait to be admitted.


We will go through the COVID Screening daily.

At home, before each training session, please complete the self pre-screening. If you have answered YES to any of the questions, you must NOT come in for your class. We ask that you call the Dojo and let us know. 416-234-8122.



As you enter the Hall you must be already dressed in your uniform. We will give you ONE face shield to keep. Please bring it to every class. You are welcome to bring in your own mask. Everyone will wear a face covering inside the Hall.

As you enter you may use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap at the wash stations. Parents will not be allowed to wait inside the Hall in the foyer.




We will continue with a curriculum similar to what we did online this spring. Individual basics, kata, and sparring combinations. There will be no partner work.

We will mark the floor and walls for visual cues for keeping proper distancing. Shihan spent quite some time last year trying to get the kids to maintain straight lines and keep equal distancing while practicing. Now we can demarcate the floor and walls to reinforce this distancing.




The students will exit from the Hall vestibule. Look for the sign marked EXIT. Please DO NOT park or stop your car in the area in front of the glass doors and windows. This area is marked No Parking on the pavement. Parents please stay outside. We will have someone call the kids to come out as they see you outside waiting.


It will take a few weeks for everyone to become accustomed to a new routine however we are fortunate that the hall has plenty of space for the students to spread out. Let’s take the time to ensure that all the students are safe and remain healthy.

Feel free to call or email the Dojo during class times. Josephine will be on hand to ease communication.





e.     p. +1 416 234-8122    a. Holy Angels Parish Hall, 63 Jutland Road, Etobicoke, ON  M8Z 2G6